ILUXO is a fresh and whimsical take on modern home decor, jewelry, and accessories by Mariko Carandang. The designs are inspired by the beauty of modern cities, Japanese design aesthetics, and contemporary visual art and culture. Founded in 2012 in Los Angeles, ILUXO is now lovingly crafted in San Francisco, CA. Also known as Eternal Paradise.


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Hi, I'm Mariko. I'm an artist, product designer, writer, and sometimes developer. In 2008 I designed and coded a successful web game, but after a few years I missed making things I could hold in my hands. That was the beginning of ILUXO!

You can find my other projects on my portfolio, Kittenette. Be sure to also check out the Kittenette Blog, where I write about ILUXO, my adventures in self employment, art and design, and how I got adopted by a 5-month old kitten.


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